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What is Modern Farm Baby??

Modern Farm Baby has evolved over the years….
It started as a way to earn extra income for my family and to put that towards restoring the house my husbands great grandfather built in 1904. And what Stay At Home Mom doesn’t want to help bring in a little extra while still staying home with the kiddos?? Am I right??
The first product I ever sold was a ring sling. I have been wearing ring slings to carry my babies around for over 11 years and had made several for myself prior to ever thinking about making one for someone else. Plus I love how versatile ring slings can be.
But, as I was saying, about that evolving part, yeah, up there at the top… MFB came after my 3rd baby was born, it was a simple etsy shop with ring slings, reversible bibs, crocheted items, and aprons. Well, I love babies, wearing my babies and just about everything about pregnancy. So when we found out that #4 was on the way I up’d the research factor. Yes, I’m a bit of a nerd. We knew that we wanted another homebirth but couldn’t find a midwife that would attend our birth. I was upset because I knew moms near me that had a homebirth midwife! So we planned on midwifery care in the OB office and would do an unassisted birth at home. { Yes, I know that if you’ve read my Bio that you already know that I am becoming a homebirth midwife. And if you haven’t you can read about it Here } While I loved having my wonderful husband present for my birth I felt that there was something missing that a doula or midwife would provide.
After our little one arrived, I began researching becoming a doula. I attended a birth with another doula in my area just to see if being a doula was an avenue that I wanted to explore. While attending this birth I fell in love with the role of a doula and the need of homebirth midwives. I went on to complete my training with DONA International. As well as, providing support for several women along this journey.  In addition to a class on twins and breech babies with The Farm Midwives, I’ve attended a workshop with Barbara Haper from Waterbirth International at The Farm Midwifery Center in Tennessee. My goal is to provide the best possible support for you and your family.
So in a Nutshell, that is Modern Farm Baby! I hope to come along side you on your journey of motherhood and birth


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