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Breastmilk Matters

Is my baby getting enough milk? There are a few ways to check when your baby is new.

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  • Has your milk come in by day 4-5?
  • Is baby having 6-8 wet diapers a day?
  • Is baby nursing at least 8 times within 24 hours?
  • Are you hearing baby swallow during your nursing sessions?
  • By day 5 is baby having yellow seedy bowel movements?
  • Do your breasts feel softer after you have nursed?

If you cannot answer all the above questions with confidence, you can have him weighed after a feeding to help determine approximate amount baby received during your nursing session. Many breastfeeding support groups are able to offer this service or you can talk with an IBCLC at your local hospital. Here at Modern Farm Baby we have a scale available for nursing moms to use during postpartum sessions if they choose, which Kiara (our babywearing demo baby) is graciously modeling.

Are you looking for a Support Group?

I can remember when I was a first time mother being worried that my daughter wasn’t getting enough breastmilk, especially when I would pump while at school and seemed to barely get anything out. I wish that I had the resources available to me back then that I have been able to find today. When I first started breastfeeding 13 years ago social media wasn’t around and breastfeeding support groups were hard to find. Not only are there now local and world wide support groups, there are support groups for long term breastfeeding moms who are breastfeeding past a year or want to continue breastfeeding until their baby self weans.  Scroll through Facebook groups I’m sure you will be able to find several.

Local Groups:

Check your local hospital many have a group that meets monthly or even weekly.

Hendricks County Breastfeeding Coalition hosts a group every Wednesday from 1pm- 2:30 at Hendrick Regional Health in Danville.

LaLeche League West Indy/Hendricks Meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Plainfield Library.

For other groups around Indianapolis check

The Indy Downtown Breastfeeding Drop In Center has both a local and Facebook presence that works great for a lot of moms.

Over the years I have watched several other young moms quit breastfeeding their babies because of lack of support. I don’t want to see this happen to anyone. Support is available to you, don’t be afraid to reach out.
There are a few great books that I would like to recommend:



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