New Baby

So You Want to Visit the New Baby

One of your friends or family members has had a new baby; What do you do? What does etiquette tell you you should do?
1. Call or Text First and schedule a time that is convenient for the new parents. Mom and Dad have just been through quite a bit give them time to adjust to the new baby before you come over for a visit.
2. Offer to Bring Food, like what was mentioned above mom and dad have been through a lot and are probably tired, adjusting to a new baby can take time. Bring them Dinner, Lunch or even Coffee. They will be extremely grateful.
When bringing food, package it in something that can be tossed (recycled) or reused by the family, so they won’t have to worry about who they need to return those items to. Also before you bring food check with them to be sure what their dietary needs or allergies are. Things like gluten free, dairy free, or soy free meals are important, you don’t want to bring them something they would be unable to eat. Some great websites to use are and
3. Offer to Help Out, When visiting if you notice that the dishes need to be done or there is a pile of laundry that needs to be folded, offer to do those things for them.  If the new baby has siblings offer to watch them while mom and baby sleep. This will be a huge help.
4. Know When to Stay Away. Little babies immune systems are still not fully developed. If you have been recently vaccinated, have a cough or runny nose, please stay at home. This will help keep the new baby healthy.
5. Wait to be Offered to Hold the baby. The baby may need to be fed, a diaper change or mom and dad may not be comfortable with others holding their baby yet. Remember this is an important bonding time so its best to wait until offered.
If you are offered to hold the baby make sure you have washed your hands first.
6. Don’t Outstay Your Welcome.  Some of the best guests have come in for a short period of time, helped out a little, dropped off a meal and held the baby for a little while and then headed out. Try to limit you visit to an hour unless otherwise cleared with the family first.
7. Don’t Forget Mom!  After going through pregnancy and delivery a new mom can be forgotten easily, make sure to give mom lots of love.
Most of all, Enjoy the new baby and rejoice with the family!

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